Sundyota Numandis come to central and eastern Europe

Indian pharmaceutical industry Sundyota Numandis are coming to central and eastern Europe, after western Europe, North and South America and, of course Asia. Naturallab proudly announces that it is representing the interests of Sundyota Numandis in: Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia And Russian Federation. 

In all central and eastern European countries we are looking for companies interested in importing and distributing nutraceutics, probiotics, fitopharmatics made by Sundyota Numadis.

Keep in mind that we are talking about the biggest pharmaceutical market in the world, and our partner has access to 120,000 pharmacies and 60,000 doctors only in India.

Feel free to contact us so we can introduce you to this innovative and dynamic company

Innovative probiotic milk-based yeast – global hit in probiotics – soon on the market

We have established contact with all relevant manufacturers of chocolate, confectionery products, cookies, candy, snacks, energy bars, pharmaceutical brands and non-alcoholic beverages manufacturers in Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Serbia and Switzerland… Some have even made early products.

We are expecting the soon launch of new probiotic products based on the innovative probiotic milk-based yeast from kefir grains - Kluyveromyces marxianus fragilis B0399R – of our Italian partners Turval Laboratories, Udine, Italy.

We are still open for new partners ready for commercialization of the product. The Italian army is also using the yeast! It is selling in West Europe, US, Canada and Latin America.

We are interested in working with distributors through pharm and through markets, especially in Europe, EU members, especially Macedonia, Albania, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Drugs, dietary supplements and cosmetic products – for Russia

Russian pharmaceutical company Medis Farma headquartered in Moscow, in the current political circumstances, is searching for a business venture in the area of drugs placement, dietary supplements and cosmetic products in the market of the Russian Federation. Primarily it is searching for drugs which have not yet been registered in the Russian Federation. It has excellent opportunities for conducting clinical trials, registering substances, possible placement on the SLMIL list (state list of medicine important for life in the Russian Federation) and the connections with the largest Russian drugstores. Naturallab is interested in work on this field – exclusively with the bearers of the licenses for certain substances. Reach out to us!




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